JHT Property Group is Brisbane’s leading management rights and investments management firm offering premier full service property, sales and building management services to our clients. Our dedicated team of specialists are highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable, having collectively over sixty successful years in the property industry.
JHT Property Group is a proud family owned local business which has worked alongside a range of well known developers for the past 10+ years in the Brisbane CBD and surrounds.
Our expertise in property management, building management and property sales assist our clients in maximising returns through our efficient property management systems and best practice building management procedures.

Having previously worked exclusively in building management and property management we offer a wealth of up to date industry knowledge and are growing by current client demand to service property management and sales in the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs. Along with growing our business, we have also grown our team of experienced professionals a number of which can speak a variety of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean to allow for fluent and effective communication between owners and provide a comfortable experience for our international investors. We invest heavily in new technologies to provide our clients with the best service possible this allows us to share ongoing information with you straight away, to keep you informed. All part of the JHT property group experience. We pride ourselves in our extensive local market knowledge and service the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs. The combination of experience, personalised client experience, small company feel and passion set us apart. Our vision is to position ourselves as the leading building and property management firm in Australia.


Meet The Team

Michael  Kim


Michael possesses an impeccable real estate pedigree and is proud to be at the helm of JHT Property Group as a second generation member of the family company.  Michael has an exceptional track record of outstanding results with estates of land, commercial properties, major residential projects and residential sales in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Michael is always making sure we’re up to speed with today’s real estate technology to give our clients the best service possible.


William Kim


William, also a a second generation member of the family company is responsible for ensuring that the firm achieves outstanding outcomes for its clients and that we maintain the reputation as being the best in the real estate industry.

Supported by a dynamic team who are highly focused on customer service, his commitment is to deliver a first class customer experience and above all, ensure you achieve the best property investment result possible.


Chloe Wang

Portfolio Manger

Chloe is one of our most exceptional Property Managers. She has a strong focus on customer service and is naturally adept at building rapport with all of the clients she works with as she will take the time to ensure all your needs are met.

In an industry where communication is key, she will exceed your expectations. Chloe is a real asset to us as she speaks fluent Mandarin, and English.


Edison Jiang

Property Manager

Edison's complete devotion and passionate approach allows him to maintain outstanding relationships with both tenants and owners.
Having worked in the real estate industry for many years, Edison offers an extensive knowledge and a well oiled skill set to ensure your property is particularly managed. Edison prides himself on his work and goes above and beyond to ensure all matters are resolved as quickly as possible to keep his clients happy.  


Craig Armstrong

Building Manager

I am an experienced hardworking Building Manager and Onsite Manager with years of experience managing tier 1 multi-staged high residential complexes.

You will find me knowledgeable in many facets of various trades, facilities and services with a background of Safety in Construction.

Also find I have a friendly demeanour and a willingness to help.

Communication is the key to my success in this role.

Yoyo Chen

Property Manager

Yoyo has 3 years of experience as a property manager in real estate and is an experienced graduate to the area. 

She has excellent communication skills and attitude towards strong customer service. She establishes good working relationships with landlords and tenants.

Hard-working, well organised and full of passion towards the job. 

Anthony O'Donnell

Maintenance Manager

Skilled in various building maintenance matters, Anthony provides efficient and effective day-to-day maintenance services to ensure our owners and tenants are serviced as quickly as possible.

Having inside knowledge of the properties allows him to promptly rectify any issues for our owners cheaper than any other handyman can. 


Michael Groth

Property Investment Consultant

Michael is an innovative and experienced investment consultant. He brings 13 years of practice in the property industry and an abundance of recognised qualifications that assist him in managing a successful and strong portfolio of investment properties for our clients.