Property Updates

Trusting a property manager to manage your investment is a big decision, for most people their investment property/s is one of their biggest assets.  It surprises me that one of the key points to some owners, during the choosing a rental agent process is the management fees and charges.

I believe the most important part should be the property managers expertise and industry knowledge.  But sadly sometimes the Landlords tend to focus on the lowest Management Fees without considering their long term and...

Having a professional property manager with the knowledge required to act in your best interest at all time is required to make owning an investment property a simple experience.   But what happens when it's not and you want to change?

Changing to a new property management company

doesn’t have to be hard!

Moving property management agents may seem like a daunting task but we make it a simple process.  Once you sign a Management Agreement Form 6 with us, we will do the rest and keep you updated alo...

In this demanding market tenants have a huge choice when looking for a new property to rent. With so many brand new properties available in Brisbane, it is important that your property presents well, everything is working and it has that home feel.

We want the property given back to us in a good condition, so it has to be handed over to them in the best possible condition.  This also sets a high benchmark on how you expect the property to be treated during the tenancy.  It will also achieve a bet...

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